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GBWhatsApp download 2020 latest version – There is not much need to go ahead with a major introduction on WhatsApp. Almost every Android device has this free chat and messenger app. The statistics are simply amazing.There is hardly anyone in this planet who does not use WhatsApp. It is almost ruled out that people have not heard about this app. Much of the world’s communication now runs on WhatsApp and the usage and numbers continue to grow.GBWhatsapp
A total is almost 1.75 billion apps installed across the various smart phone devices in the world. Out of this about 1 billion are daily active users. This tells everything and there is no need to go further.However, very few might have heard of GBWhatsApp APK. There are of course several people who are familiar with this app and equal number who are not. Through this article, let us bring forth the best features of this GBWhatsApp and its utilities and functions. For the Android users of the world, this is a great chance to install and use this App.The GBWhatsApp is a mod file of the original WhatsApp messenger and chat application.The word mod stands as the shortened form of Modifier. The mod APK is a modified version of the original released APK file of the particular app. They provide many extra features such as unlocking of the app, add-ons like Spyware and even new currency points in games for the Android. These enhanced features are embedded by developers keen to provide many add-on utilities to the users. The search for mods links has to be done with a little more effort. It may not be possible to get them as easily as getting the app itself. However, it goes without saying that many benefits are developed over and above the original app. There are many types of WhatsApp mods available but the GB would be the most preferred option in terms of its features and popularity. In addition, it is easy to get the updates and the new mods with the different features. This is done on a regular basis by the GBWhatsApp developers. In short it’s great fun, features and enjoyment all rolled together.The need for GBWhatsApp and the things that prompted its development – The WhatsApp messaging app is no doubt fantastic and has created a revolution of sorts in smartphone communication. But then even the best has some limitations and even if these are not very much impacting, still users and developers look at more and additional benefits.Some of the current restrictions include – the inability to send more than 10 pictures at a time,the post can be sent to only 5 groups and not beyond that, a group cannot have more than 256 members, also limitations to the file size that can be transferred. Many of these barriers are removed in GB WhatsApp. This obviously gives it more reach and usage. Let us take a look at the 2019 features of the mod. Features of GB 2020 – GBWhatsapp ApkOn the fun front there are more stickers and thereby communicating with friends and others is more interesting and can be conveyed through lot of add on facials. This makes one way as well as group conversations more interesting and jovial. Nothing like a good dose of leg pulling and quips to carry on talks with good friends. The privacy aspect is another great feature of the GB WhatsApp mod. In this feature, the user will be not being seen online when they are using the WhatsApp and when the internet data or when Wi-Fi is on. This means, the person will on the other side will be under the assumption that user is offline and may not actually trouble with a flurry of messages. The other person can still receive all the messages and take the necessary follow up (or ignore it if they choose to). Hence communication criticality is maintained and the same time the privacy as well. It is not just stickers but there are many themes in GB that can be downloaded to the smartphone and then customized. This can be done according to the customization and needs of the users. There are many themes available in version 6.0 and lots to select and profile on the Android device. Use this feature according to likes, tastes and choice of the user. It is personalization at its best through the umpteen themes available. The message scheduler is another power feature of GB. This is also an enhancement over the existing WhatsApp. This helps the user to remember with accuracy many of the important and cherished memories of life like birthdays, anniversaries, special get together events, day of convocation, first salary day and lots more. This message scheduler helps a smooth and seamless scheduling of all important and sensitive messages. Now say goodbye for ever, the worry of forgetting any of such important dates and inviting the ire of the other person! The scheduler feature is very much useful in the WhatsApp business profile as well for remembering important meeting date, submission of invoices, payment follow up, sending of proposal’s etc.
The most attractive feature in GB 6.0 is the size of file that is sent across. In the app of the original WhatsApp, there are certain inherent restrictions in sending too large files. However,in GB this restriction is eased to a great extent by enabling it to transfer across larger files.The video files can go up to 50 MB and the Audio files can go up to 100 MB. Almost 100 images can be transferred to other user or group. This was not possible earlier. There is also the reverse feature of this particular functionality. This means that if a 50 MB video file can be transferred over the internet, at the same time a small limit can be set like say 20 MB or 30 MB. This depends upon the user. This can be done by selecting the GB settings then going to Media Sharing, Upload video size limit. In the options the file size can be given. The GB WhatsApp has certain fine-tuned sharing features. This makes it possible for the users to send ZIP large sized compressed files and APK files to the other end.Now the next feature is simply superb and it can actually amaze any user. Needless to say, it may not be as important as from the utility angle of file size but it certainly is testimony to the great talent of the mod developers. This is known as the anti-revoke message. It is the very opposite of deleting the message sent feature in the original WhatsApp. In this instance,the receiver can actually prevent the sender from deleting the message once they (receiver user) have got it. Going one step ahead, the user can even read the deleted message through this functionality. That’s simply great, is it not? This can be done by going into the contact name and then revoked messages. In the GB version, there is an in-built WhatsApp status that gives all the details and at the same time there is also the status video downloader. This means that user can place the media files on an auto download mode to the desired contacts. So, they can carry on with their other activities and the auto mode will ensure the download of the file.There is also the feature of not putting active a Do Not Disturb mode. This makes specifically the GB WhatsApp internet connection inactive. This can be done by selecting the Wi-Fi option which is next to the search option in the top bar of the GB. The latest updates on GB –GBWhatsapp App Download
The current and running version is 8.12 and almost all these features with minor enhancements and bug removals are there. The last update is of Jan 2020 which means it is the very latest as of now. There is no root file required to install and run the GB. The minimum Android smartphone requirement is 4.0 and above to install and run this mod. The APK file size is 53.5 MB. As mentioned earlier, users will need to do a mild search and many of the download links can be found.Since the GBWhatsapp is always in a constant state of development, the users are requested to send their additional feature requests to the developers and also the feedback of the current features. This will be help the new mods to be included and thereby give more enriching features.
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